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JOHNNY CHAZZ: Sunday January 15, 2012 was an evening of fun, but unpredictability as always as the Golden Globes surfaced and honored the films of 2011-2012.

Now, let's dive in and take a look at how predictions favored with the actual wins at this year's awards:
BEST PICTURE DRAMA: I expected that "The Descendants" would probably win this and it did, but where were films such as "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" or "Drive"? This category was poorly selected and really is not much in the running for any serious considerations on Academy Award night. "Hugo" has a shot based solely on box office results as well as connections, but the film lacks merit. Nothing really deserves to win here......

BEST PICTURE - COMEDY / MUSICAL: "The Artist" won this hands down. The only film that would have surprised me was "Midnight in Paris" or "My Week With Marilyn" which were both decent films, but it would've been a bit of a shock if they had won.
This never get old... the original trailer for our pick: THE ARTIST!

Streep as Thatcher: IRON LADY
BEST ACTRESS DRAMA: Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in "Iron Lady" looked like the main choice and my guess was right. Also, I wouldn't have lost sleep on Viola Davis for "The Help" in a Supporting role. The film was vastly overrated and flat-out dull, but she was fairly impressive in the film and even if Viola had lost out at the Globes, she may still have a shot at taking home an Oscar in February. Don't sleep on Tilda Swinton however as she was very, very good in "Talk About Kevin".

BEST ACTRESS - COMEDY / MUSICAL: Michelle Williams was excellent in "My Week With Marilyn" and got the nod here. Kristin Wiig from the overrated "Bridesmaids" could have posed a threat, but Michelle had this. I didn’t overlook Charlize Theron either for "Young Adult" - even though her acting ability is pretty limited in this critic's opinion.

Clooney: Best Actor
BEST ACTOR DRAMA: A lousy list of performers here really - but George Clooney got the nod for his role in "The Descendants". DiCaprio is overrated and so was his film "J.Edgar" - so that probably failed to contend here. Brad Pitt did have a chance to upset for his role in the undervalued "Moneyball" -

BEST ACTOR - COMEDY / MUSICAL: Jean DuJardin had a remarkable and memorable performance in "The Artist" and won here hands down in this category.

SCREENPLAY: Here is the ultimate category - and probably the one that should dictate your Best Picture award, although that is not always the case. "The Descendants" offered safe enough dialogue for audiences to digest, and thus - it could've won here. "Midnight in Paris" and "The Artist" were also dangers however - but I didn't overlook the screenplay of "Moneyball" as it was actually quite well-written and very impacting. The winner? - “Midnight In Paris.”
Woody Allen's latest offering: the trailer for MIDNIGHT IN PARIS

SCORE: "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" had a wonderful score - both chilling and mysterious, but I am afraid that it may have fallen short to "The Artist" since tonight belonged to composer Ludovic Bource.

BEST SONG: Who cares part II....... (That song by Madonna…)

TV GOLDEN GLOBES: This is not Cinema - so who cares part III.....

Now, let's turn this over to Jer to gather his thoughts on tonight's awards.
ANIMATED FILM: Who cares...... (“Adventures Of Tin- Tin” won)

JER: Let’s begin with a little Golden Globes’ 101: What makes this award show different from the Academy Awards are defined by a variety of both similar and different levels. The Globes is a ceremony created by and voted upon by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) this network is made up of journalists who write about the Hollywood films and television shows presented in America and the reporting to foreign countries about them. Since a majority of Hollywood entertainment is presented on a global scale, it is the duty of the HPFA to create awareness to their respected markets. The Academy Awards, however, are voted upon by their peers on the individual category they represent… for example, film editors vote for their choices for Best Editing by selecting who gets nominated and who wins. Finally, the Best Picture category is voted upon by all members collectively. It had been said that one can usually see where the Oscars might go based off of the Globes’ nominations and wins… but that has not been the exact case over the last several years. Some potential nominees have been snubbed in either ceremony without reservation as to why. So, what does this mean? Basically, you just never know which way the Academy Awards may sway with both its nominations and wins!

I’m going to analyze The Golden Globes for just a quick minute: there has always been more of a ‘party’ atmosphere because of its settings (usually at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA) and the obvious serving of alcohol.  Some of the uptight Hollywood elite is given the opportunity to let its hair down at this event and it presents for a more relaxed and ‘anything goes’ show!
Behind that glass is host Ricky Gervais...really!
On that same note let’s focus on returning host this year: Ricky Gervais. Although he threw a few jabs at the audience, the network (NBC) and even some current hot- topic events…the rest of the evening consisted of holding a glass of anything liquid and a decline in humor and a rise for impatience on the show’s length of time (a standard 3 hours). What’s the matter, Ricky? Were you not paid by the hour? Less drinkie…more talkie! More jokie! It seems as if certain members of the audience came prepared and loaded with their own assaults towards Gervais. Everyone from Madonna, Meryl Streep and Antonio Banderas all had remarks that left the host without reply. Tell you what… don’t bring back Gervais and let Madonna, Streep and Banderas host the Golden Globes next year instead!
Something that has to be mentioned, JC, before I go any further. You need to get over this boycott you have over Animated Films! They have seriously evolved into a respected and reputable category. Although some Animation put out today might be childish and locked- on to a certain demographic… most films, present and past, have been designed for a broader acceptance an audience’s palate. I personally have no interest in seeing GNOMEO AND JULIET, but I will possibly watch PUSS ‘N BOOTS and definitely ADVENTURES OF TIN- TIN for the nostalgic and it’s win for Best Animated Film…oh, a big factor would be director Steven Spielberg as well. This subject may make a great heat- infused blog topic for 2012!

DISAPPOINTMENTS: Although there were very few, there were still some worth mentioning. I have a problem with THE DESENDANTS winning Best Picture (Drama)! Even George Clooney’s other film, THE IDES OF MARCH, Spielberg’s WAR HORSE or  Martin Scorsese’s HUGO had more of a clearer definition of winning such an Award. Let me explain: a film has to make a very important first impression to me. It has to show me from the beginning how serious it is at a nomination much less a win. I’ll never forget the first trailer I saw on THE DESENDANTS…I sat with my mouth open, thinking it looked like another MEN THAT STARE AT GOATS- type film for Clooney. I don’t mind him making a silly or goofy film… but when it wins Best DRAMA???  The Marketing Department must have received an earful because the strategy of promoting this film changed its course quickly and swiftly and played on ticket- buyers' heartstrings (and pocketbooks) for a more dramatically- driven set of trailers… this may have had an impression on the HFPA!
The magnificent trailer to Spielberg's WAR HORSE!

Directors Spielberg and Scorsese: Winners of Globes
ACHIEVEMENTS: I must admit that my theater- going time has not been major this past year, but I just didn’t feel the urgent need to see a larger sum of nominations simply because most were unattractive or unappealing. Admiringly, (during the time this blog was submitted) I have only seen IDES OF MARCH, WAR HORSE and THE ARTIST with hopes of tackling HUGO, MONEYBALL, THE HELP and MIDNIGHT IN PARIS before Academy Award night. I was absolutely invigorated with THE ARTIST winning Best Film: Comedy or Musical! This is definitely what true cinema is about… it is a risk- taker as well as providing thorough entertainment from the first frame until the very last…how many films can you think of that can take on that kind of task? A “Best Picture”, in this critic’s opinion, is ALL elements pulling together to create the final product that is memorable and worth talking about for years to come. It is also very satisfying to see director Steven Spielberg accept the Golden Globe award for Best Animated Film: THE ADVENTURES OF TIN- TIN and director Martin Scorsese nab Best Director for his first family- friendly adventure film: HUGO. Although not present to receive his, Woody Allen would also be recognized with a Best Screenplay win for MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.

JOHNNY CHAZZ: Without a doubt, the Golden Globes is more of a "relaxed" and as you stated, "party" atmosphere than what we will see at the Academy Awards. In a sense, this is almost a reflection of the caliber of film that was presented to audiences this year. Thus, one can see, Jer, why your movie-going and mine were both fairly limited this past season.

As for boycotts of animated films, I do agree that it has developed into a far richer category than I ever expected. Therefore, a heated discussion on this topic may not be as easily foreseeable as it may actually be a bit of an eye-opener for me to learn more about the genre - accepted.

Better Hosts? Hmmm...
  I am not exactly quick to endorse Madonna or Banderas as a host as I frankly find both of them to be a bit dull and for a better word, full of themselves - but Gervais was simply the wrong choice - a flop indeed on this night.

Williams was quite deserving for her role as Marilyn Monroe in "My Week With Marilyn." This film was in all actuality somewhat entertaining and her performance was quite believable. Scorsese winning for "Hugo" was also nice to see, but is the film really what you would label as one of his best works? It seems like a reach.

On a final note - you had mentioned that you were enthralled by "The Artist" and I share that opinion with you. "The Descendants" won strictly by default and for the name of "Clooney" being worn on its' back. Is this not an immediate red flag as to the caliber of films released in the drama genre this year?

It would be safe to say at this point that the Academy Awards will reflect a great deal of what we saw at the Golden Globes. "The Artist" should shine bright, while "The Descendants" and "War Horse" loom the only real dangers at this point.

JER: The Golden Globes have always been considered by some to be the future forecasting of what the Academy Awards will play out as. The race is about to begin and there are a full TEN Best Picture nomination slots needing to be filled. I can and want to get into that heavy discussion…but I will shelf it for the next blog which will be posted on Wednesday February 1st with a listing of the official Academy Award nominations and our predictions and ‘counterpoints.'


Do you have any films you are rooting for? What was your take on the Golden Globes and everything tied into it? We are always wanting to hear from you and we will respond to everyone! Thanks for stopping by and we will see you again on WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 1st!

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  1. Hello Cin Counterpoint.
    I just have to say that most of the movies released this year have been a real dissapointment and as funny as it sounds, there really should be no academy awards honoring movies this year. I can only think of about two or three movies that were even tolerable. (Brad - Visalia,CA)

  2. Hi Brad and welcome!

    I know that I can speak on behalf of both sides represented when I say that we totally agree with you! This WAS a horrible year for films! I would be curious to see what you thought are worthy to nominations and they compare to actual noms. Check back with us on February 1st to read about our reactioins to the Academy Award nominations!

    Thanks for checking in!