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Just JER!
JER: Greetings Friends of CINEMA: COUNTERPOINT. I wanted to take this time in thanking you, the readers, for all of your support and the many comments we have received throughout the 2011 year. As JOHNNY CHAZZ and I are coming around to celebrating the blog- site’s one year anniversary since its launch on January 31, 2011, we entered into a verbal pact when talking about the premise of the site: It would always focus on topics pertaining to our love for cinema and everything relatable, we would both be brutally honest with our individual opinions and that we would always shake hands and come out fighting in support of our expressive views AND finally… we would continue doing this as long as we had fun along the way!

 I am happy to report that from a recent phone call to my fellow co-critic and partner in cinema crime, Johnny Chazz... we are still having fun presenting our weekly endeavors for your reading pleasures!  Due dates, sleepless nights and countless hours hammering away on the lap- top can be pressing at times, but the words come together that makes it all worth it in the end. I know I speak for my counterpart when I also thank those family members and friends (you know who you are) that have continually given us the strength, the encouragement and the moxy to get this off the ground and fuel this ever- growing project for as long as we have been going! THANK YOU!

In celebration of the upcoming holiday, CINEMA: COUNTERPOINT will take a needed break, with a new posting to be delivered on Wednesday December 7, 2011.

While you are enjoying your celebrated Thanksgiving Weekend, or whatever you prefer to call your time with your loved ones, I cannot help but make a quick recommendation while I am here…

Thanksgiving, by way of film, doesn’t get much love! There are Easter films (EASTER PARADE, JESUS OF NAZARETH); Holiday films (WHITE CHRISTMAS, A CHRISTMAS STORY, 8 CRAZY NIGHTS) … even Halloween gets a film named after the day! I can be extremely evil and off my rocker and recommend the enjoyment of director Eli Roth’s (HOSTEL) faux trailer included in 2007’s GRINDHOUSE. The trailer in question is for a horror film entitled THANKSGIVING… enjoy, if you dare!
Gobble- Gobble! Gulp! The fake trailer for THANKSGIVING!!!

Now, if that doesn’t get you all excited about leftover turkey sandwiches, then I don’t know what will! OK, seriously, I will lean in the direction of something much more pleasant by recommending the 1987 comedy classic PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES directed by the late John Hughes.

Neal Page (Steve Martin) is an advertising executive who just wants to fly home to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with his family. But all he gets is misery instead! Misery named Del Griffith (John Candy) - a loud mouthed, but nevertheless loveable, salesman who leads Neal on a cross- country, wild goose chase that keeps Neal from getting home and tasting his turkey!

Although the film is Rated R (there is an ‘f-bomb’ rant that Martin goes through at the Car Rental kiosk) the film is quite sweet and touching. Both Martin and Candy are hysterical and both play off each other as Martin is more the straight man to Candy’s dumb- lug comic. Writer and Director John Hughes was at the top of his game when he pieced this project together and the proof is in the smartly written and laughable dialog, the timing and execution of physical comedic moments and the tenderness one came to expect from Hughes’ films.
Enjoy the hilarious trailer from this holiday delight!

So, undo your belt straps and girdles, slip into your sweatpants and put your feet up with a slice of pumpkin pie and enjoy this tasty treat! Enjoy your Holidays and we will SEE YOU DECEMBER 7th!

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