Friday, February 18, 2011


It is, with a very heart, my reflections about the passing of one of my most favorite Film Composers: Mr. John Barry. Dead at 77, Mr. Barry passed away on January 30th, 2011.

I began to recognize and understand the themes that Mr. Barry was composing for his films, early in my life, when becoming a huge James Bond fan. I would see Mr. Barry's name appearing in just about all of the Bond films (except for a couple, actually) and then understanding the use of strings primarily with the soft use of horns as a secondary. John Barry himself stated that he was unaccredited for the orchestrations of the first Bond film DR.NO, but would be credited for others that followed including THUNDERBALL, GOLDFINGER, MOONRAKER and THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS...just to name a few.

There was a sadness in his themes. A very romantic and heart-breaking approach to his compositions. One of the most noticeable soundtracks that created quite an impact on me at a very young age was KING KONG (1976). Say what you will about the production of the film and the Kong effects (credit to Mr. Rick Baker) but the score was undeniably touching!

On a personal note, some of the most memorable scores that followed were Disney's THE BLACK HOLE (1979), SOMEWHERE IN TIME (1980), Robert Downey Jr. as CHAPLIN (1992) guiltiest of guilty pleasures....HOWARD THE DUCK (1986).

John Barry would win Academy Awards for Best Original Score for THE LION IN WINTER (1968), OUT OF AFRICA (1985) and most deservingly for DANCES WITH WOLVES (1990).

Mr. Barry, Hollywood lost a strong voice with your loss, but you will continue to live on through the magic of film and for new audiences and music lovers for generations to come! Rest In Peace...

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  1. Jer: you took the words out of my heart, his movie theme music compositions were so dramatic and romantic. To me, music makes all the difference in the world whether I enjoy the movie or not. May he rest in peace, we will never forget his music and hope future generations will learn to appriciate it.

  2. Thanks Ali...growing up in a household where classical music was part of my upbringing, it only seems like second nature to appreciate the music used in films via soundtracks or composed music. Original music in film is this century's classical selections! Thanks for sharing your feelings as well